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Fleet consulting for small and medium businesses.
Fleet Specialist for Small & Medium Businesses
Your fleet management coach
for all your vehicle and equipment needs.

Eliminate unexpected and costly repairs
Increase your fleet availability and reduce your costs
Streamline the procurement and replacement of your vehicles
Make managing a mixed fleet easier
Get peace of mind by relying on more than 46 years of fleet management experience

We are here to identify your problem areas and provide solutions to eliminate them.​​

What We Do
Let us put a fresh set of eyes on your fleet.
  1. Replacement Cycles
    Identifying the right time to replace vehicles and equipment can be a bit of science. We can help you get the timing right and establish a long-term strategy for managing your fleet replacement cycles.
  2. Procurement
    Getting the right vehicle for the right job application can be time consuming. We will create vehicle specifications that fit your job requirements and initiate an RFP for your current needs. We will establish key relationships for you with various OEMs and their dealers during and after the bid process so that your order-to-delivery is a smooth process. This phase will save considerable capital costs.
  3. Start up Advice
    We can also advise you on a starting up a fleet management department if your business does not yet have one, or help you grow your current fleet department whether it's made up of one staff member or a whole team.
  4. Maintenance & Compliance
    We will coach your company and team on best practices, and establish relationships with the best maintenance providers in the business. We will establish close relationships with those selected providers so that your costs are established and predictable. We can also help make sure the fleet is maintained to DOT standards.
  5. Safety & Risk Management
    Even with a just a few vehicles, the liability and risks when running a fleet can be high. By coaching management and drivers on safety best practices, we can help identify high risk areas and greatly reduce your liability exposure.
  6. Operations
    Whether you run a fleet of just a few vehicles or a couple hundred, as a small or medium-sized business, managing a fleet can be a costly part of your operations. Let us analyze the health and strength of your fleet operations and bring best practices to how you size, equip, and operate your fleet. We can help find inefficiencies so you can a run a lean and efficient business.

How We Do It

We will make onsite visits to your place of business and any remote locations and audit your existing fleet of vehicles and equipment. This analysis/due diligence will be complete in a few days to a few weeks depending upon your fleet size and the number of remote locations or trips necessary.

Findings and recommendations will be provided to the senior management of your company upon completion of this due diligence phase. We can help you determine how and when to take action on these findings. Ongoing coaching is also available.

Call or email us today to get started:  918-671-0678​

Experience Counts
We have years of experience managing small and medium fleets.
Les, president of Smart Fleet Management, has more than 46 years of experience in the truck and equipment industry. He was directly responsible for fleets numbering up to 5,500 trucks of all sizes. He has experience with establishing fleet department start ups and an annual spend ranging up to $25 million dollars. Check out more about Les on LinkedIn.

We can service all fleet types.